Sunday 31 May 2020

Mail offers continuing to go out ...

I still have name/address/property records in the LGPASS queue, and so the mail continues to go out:

I haven't gotten any responses yet, though I'm told that 3 weeks is typical for the first response and I'm just coming up on the end of week 2.

Mark Podolsky and his Landgeek friends continued to do their daily Youtube chats and answered questions thrown at them, which is where I got this 3 weeks notion.

The other question I had for them was advice on starting to collect a buyer's list. I asked if I should mention my presumed upcoming properties from Klamath County to the Facebook Group that Landgeek has put together (and invites us customers to join) ... they said "go for it" ... and I did ..

And that part worked beautifully ... got 6 responses so far, all saying they're interested in my list of properties.

Other than that, I have my ducks pretty much in a row:

  • An LLC: Land Ho LLC, registered in WA
  • An Internet domain: (feel free to email me:
  • A minimal website: to be more fully featured next month when I can move my DNS service for this domain to Wix, which is what this service requires
Just one thing I'm missing: a business bank account for this LLC. But I have the forms to get this going:

So will do this tomorrow ... And report back next on any responses I get to this mail blitz that's going out!

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