Sunday 13 September 2020

A Niche Real Estate Investment Opportunity for You

 As I've been describing here, I'm trying the Dirt Rich system promoted by Mark Podolsky ...

To reiterate:

  • Send out direct mail to out-of-state property owners (i.e. don't mail to Colorado owners of Colorado land)
  • Offer 1/4 of the retail price
  • On responses at that price, list for retail price and offer payment over time
  • rinse and repeat
I just took the "Flight School" class where they give you an inside look at one of their guys who's apparently making $6 million per year doing this. 

Some of the people doing this -- check Roberto. If he can do it, I can do it!

Unfortunately, I lost my computer job that I was using for startup capital for this, so currently a bit stalled on generating big profits.

For example, I "overpaid" slightly on some Colorado land: $2250 each for 5 acre parcels. (I mistakenly thought I saw a listing for $8800 or so; actually the more typical retail price is $5000 to $6000.) So: 120% and up profit!

I don't have the cash to buy these myself; I have one sold as "wholesale" where I made about $500 on the transaction. But this guy trusted me and just sent me the money up front and is waiting for the rest of the transaction on down, and most of the other land investors in the Facebook group won't do this.

That's where you come in! If you're looking to diversify out of the wild and crazy stock market:

I'm looking to raise up to $50000 (not all from one place, necessarily) to jump-start my results. I can offer any investor 50% of any profits I make using his or her capital. I have accounting set up on Wave Accounting and I can send you a report on this regularly ...

Interested? Leave a comment below with your contact info, or contact me however you'd like:

Mark McWiggins
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