Sunday 22 March 2020

Working on getting bids from manufacturers for first product

Our first product is antiviral "Thieve's Oil Cream" that we are working on getting bids for.

We've tried three manufacturers so far:

  • Formula Corp (local in our area!) ... but doesn't handle cream only liquid stuff more like shampoo
  • Vitelle Labs in British Columbia: too expensive if we are talking the same units ... there was some confusion in 'fluid oz' and liters and so forth.
  • Pure Source out of Miami ... need more detail on our formula for these folks to give us a bid.
I'll have the details that Pure Source wants by tomorrow, with any luck.

Finally, I'm working on a little online store that will be up within a few days at our existing domain ... If we can show sizzling sales from this it can help attract investors for the Amazon FBA project when we get to that step.

More next week ..

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